Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tuesday Week 3 - Rebecca Hulbert

Tuesday - 4 Days to go... The day started off well as Danny bought chocolate swirls in for everyone for breakfast with the opening line, 'My car smells like a boulangerie now'. So that made a great start to the day.

This morning it was Ben's (Jimmy) turn to look in depth at his character. While my role needs a lot of very intense emotion which is a challenge, Ben's challenge is almost the opposite of mine and equally difficult, he needs to feel the intense emotion and then bury it inside and not show it. After lunch we began plotting the lights, meaning we went cue to cue in scenes and walked the scenes on the stage without acting them to make sure we weren't in shadow, and that the scenes conveyed what Emma needed from them with the 'feel/mood' of the lighting. We worked late tonight, so Ben treated us all to a lovely meal at The Trengilly - a hard and long but lovely day with the cube-ers.

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