Tuesday, 2 December 2014

After The Accident

“Could you meet the person who shattered your life?"
“Could you meet the person whose life you shattered?”

Could you? There is maybe a curiosity in wanting meet someone who wronged you? Or from the perspective of the offender perhaps wanting to meet with the one they have wronged.  To explain? To question? To get answers?

Both questions create confusion we all feel as human beings when the lines are blurred. Whether you or I think the answer to be yes or no, or whether it affects you personally or not, these questions are an opening to many victims/offenders to help begin that process of recovery on both sides.  Restorative justice can help immediately to build understanding between victim and offender, and to reduce the stigma of these labels.

 Restorative Justice helps in many ways to achieve its goal by restoring balance not only to the “Victim” and “Offender” but also in reaching out to families and the community to bring harmony.  Obviously, there are many questions and concerns when it comes trusting this process if you are new to it but this is where cube theatre and RJ are working together to create and put into action four steps of the national restorative justice system.

·         Awareness
·         Access
·         Practice
·         Evidence

With these steps in mind. RJ working aims to make us the public more aware of projects and ways to make restorative justice apparent and easy to access for anyone who find themselves in need of closure.

Being a student myself I was not aware of this process until I joined cube’s team.  Having been thrown into the deep end I have become fully emerged in restorative justice.
cube theatre’s new production “After the Accident” by Julian Armistead follows the process restorative justice takes to make things better / clear the air for all. It is thought provoking and hard hitting drama that captures its audience’s emotions.

Highly accessible and utterly engrossing, this award winning drama takes you on a highly charged journey where forgiveness and redemption are set against guilt, rage and despair.

Can we ever truly forgive someone who's hurt our loved ones? This unmissable drama lets you decide …..
This play is set to test what we may think is right or what we may think is wrong. It's tension and drama is what keep us reels us in and at the same time challenges the audience and actors involved this is why RJ working have picked to work with cube theatre. We have since put on an event at the Poly Falmouth on the 21st of November to highlight this cause. cube theatre showcased our promo film, and the audience loved our work.

Immediate responses from our audience members, about the plays promo film and restorative justice.

“It is not just tough, it’s tougher”

“Thought provoking, intense”

“Left me wanting to see more, I cannot wait to see the play”

So do you find yourself intrigued? Curious? Challenged? Questioned? Or Love new theatre?
Find out your nearest show dates here! Tour starts in February; we look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 6th February
The Poly, Falmouth
 01326 319461.     

Saturday 7th February
Calstock Village Hall, Calstock
01822 834418.

Tuesday 10th February
Dracaena Community Centre, Falmouth
01326 319414

Friday 13th February
Burrell Theatre, Truro
 01726 879 500

Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st February
Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter
01392 434 169

Sunday 22nd February
Devoran Village Hall, Devoran
01872 864854

Tuesday 24th February
Mylor Theatre, Truro
 01726 879500

Thursday 26th February
Tolmen Centre, Constantine
01326 341353

Friday 27th February
Hall for Gwinear, nr Hayle
01736 850781

Saturday 28th February
Grampound Village Hall