Friday, 6 February 2015

Thursday Week 3 - Rebecca Hulbert

Ok - firstly to apologise... When I got into rehearsals the first thing that happened to me, before I even took my coat off, was that I was told off for my choice of jokes, and that they were pretty bad! Then everyone proceeded to fire their best jokes at me for the first 10 minutes of the day!

What's the similarity between an eagle and a mole?
They both live underground, apart from the eagle.

I'm going to get rid of my old vacuum cleaner.
Well that thing was just gathering dust.

Then into work! We ran a few tweaks that Emma had for us from the day before, and then spent the morning fitting the lights and projections exactly into the show so that it is as perfect as we can be! We have all been working so hard, I feel that we are so involved with the piece at the moment, with its intensity and subject matter, that at times it feels bigger than my life outside of it! Then this afternoon we had a dress rehearsal with a few colleagues and friends of the cast. I felt my character was a bit 'flat' today, a bit tired! The thing with this play is that it is such a fine line to walk between the characters being over played and them being under played, that technically it really is like walking a tightrope with the text.

Tomorrow we are putting the set into the Poly at 10.30am, and then we have time for a little bit more rehearsal in the new space and then it is...opening night!!!

Hope to see you there - or at some point during our run. Please come and have a chat with us after the show and tell us what you thought.

Becca x

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